Navigating COVID 19 with you

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Its a Whole new world right now. Every person is managing a temporary new reality.  We will all get thru this. Have faith.

For the time being, the clinic is closed. Check your email for an update of the current situation. Keep yourself posted on recent information thru Facebook at either page – Renée Caines RMT or Sparrow Registered Massage Therapy.  You can also find on on Instagram @sparrowrmt.

Please focus on ALL you CAN do – you can read books, watch movies, exercise daily, meditate, choose healthy foods, hand-write letters to loved ones, dance, sing, take an online course…..So many things!

Most importantly, you can limit your spread of the Virus. The virus can not infect you unless it gets into your mouth, nose or eyes (mucus membranes).  Wash hands with soap every 20-30mins. Stay in your house as much as possible. When outside, stay 6ft from others, even friends. Keep a tissue handy to over your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing. Stop droplets from spreading.  Avoid consuming too much social media. Please choose reputable government sites like the BCCDC or CDC or WHO. If it is not on there, chances that it is correct and verified information is slim.

We all have a part to play in keeping each other healthy. Please do your part.

In health, Renée Caines RMT

Sparrow Registered Massage Therapy

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