Clinic Re-Opening May 21

Hello! We get to share some exciting news! We are apart of Phase 2 and can currently re-open as of May 19th. To ensure that we have the supplies needed and time to arrange the schedule, Sandy McCrimmon, RMT, will be starting on Thursday May 21st.  Renée Caines, RMT, will be starting as soon as child care is secure.
We thank you for your patience and understanding during our closure. To re-open with patient’s health and safety as a priority, we have made many modifications and have some requests of you so we can proceed. This will be flexible and modified as the PHO updates the current COVID-19 situation.  BC is already a wonderful place to live and thankfully we have done very well in managing the situation. Let’s keep up the fantastic work with mindful behaviours like hand-washing, covering any coughs or sneezes, no face touching and physical distancing.

What RMT’s are responsible for:
We have enhanced hand hygiene: Washing hands longer and using disposable paper towels.
Being honest with our health status: We will cancel our work days if ill and reschedule when appropriate.
Assessing your health: It will seem redundant, but we will mention it when you book, then you will be phoned the day before your appointment and we have to assess you when you arrive. This is for everyone’s safety.
Keeping physical distance outside of treatment room: Sorry no handshakes, no high fives. Any home care will be discussed and demonstrated at a distance. Payments for treatment will be automatically billed and credits cards charged when treatment’s completed. E-transfers and Cash are ok.
We will supply face masks as much as we can, please understand that PPE in in great demand. We suggest you bring your own that fits your face specifically.
Enhanced cleaning and disinfection between patients: As we have been diligent cleaners pre-COVID, we will  step it up a notch by disinfecting high traffic areas, door knobs and any “touchable items” after each patient.
Staggered booking: We are starting out cautiously by alternating our work days for the first 2 weeks. This will help us get into the groove of the new rules to ensure we are doing them effectively. This also keeps the clinic at 1 RMT: 1 Patient ratio in 900+ sq. ft. When we find it appropriate, we will work at the same time, but the appointments will be offset by 15 mins to keep our waiting room empty.
We are not currently accepting new patients: As much as we love your referrals, we are only taking our known patients at this time. We have established trust with you and we understand your current health issues. We remind those over age 60, immunocompromised, people with diabetes, and heart conditions to please be critical of your choice for massage. Does massage for you do more harm then good? It is an individual choice. We suggest you speak with your doctor to ensure that your doctor is aware you are having massage and that you are out in the community.

What Patients are responsible for:

Stay home if sick: Please do not book if you are not feeling well with any virus. You will be sent home without treatment if we see any sign of viral illness.
Please fill out assessment forms: You will be asked to fill out a Daily Health Assessment on the phone and in person/online. This will need to be done every treatment until told otherwise.
You must sign the COVID-19 consent form: You understand that we are doing our best to mitigate risk during a global pandemic through protective measures and you understand the risk of coming to and from your appointment and you, alone, have made the choice to come in. Due to the nature of massage, physical distancing is not possible in the treatment room.
Arrive on time and come alone : Please arrive at your scheduled time. The door will be open for you to walk in when we are ready.  A chaperone is allowed for minors or others who need assistance.
Wash hands before entering the clinic: The key will be available for you to wash your hands in the washroom, or if you prefer, wash your hands in our sink before and after treatments. Hand sanitizer is also available.
Please wear/bring a mask:  Wearing a mask is a choice, but it is a discussion that can take place respectfully when we take into account health history and comfort. PPE will be available if needed,
Maintain physical distance: While in the clinic, it may be habitual to stand close and chat, but for now we need to resist and keep generous space. The clinic is fantastic for space in the lobby and treatment rooms.
Please ask questions: If you have any questions or concerns, we will do our best to answer them. We encourage a honest and open dialogue to ensure everyone feels safe and secure while at Sparrow.  We are excited and happy to be helping our community!

Thank you for reading and understanding the new, and temporary modifications. Our diligence now will help us get through this the best way we can.

COVID-19 is primarily known to spread through droplets.
Those droplets may possibly contain live virus that may infect you. To slow the spread of the virus we need to be aware of excellent hand washing, no touching face and covering any coughs or sneezes to not allow droplets to contaminate an area. COVID-19 is not known to be transmitted through skin.

21 days in – April 8, 2020


Today marks 3 weeks at home. Wow. I can tell you honestly, except outside of major surgeries, I have never done so little with “free” time. Now, its not fair to dismiss all I have done in 21 days. I have cooked 63 meals, done dishes at least 63 times, taught math, encouraged reading, made volcanic eruptions with vinegar and baking soda, baked, watched movies, read and exercised. Oh, and I can’t forget helping my son battle against zombies in his favourite game Plants vs Zombies 2. It is ridiculously fun. It’s me and my son in a 1100 square ft apartment. We are doing great overall. It’s amazing how fast the days are passing.

I feel my first week was taken up by all the changes. Emails to write, appointments to cancel, laundry, so much laundry, phone calls to make, and grief. Grief that I am not sure has left. Some days its anger at different aspects of this situation. Mostly grief. Grief because I can’t do what I love. Grief that I know millions of people are struggling with lost income, lack of food and lack of supports.

I want my days  to be much more productive. I have written out of long list of must do’s, wanna do’s and will think about to do’s, but they are still hard to get done. That is frustrating to me.

Anyone who has children at home, especially high energy,  attention seeking children, understand that getting 10 minutes to yourself is a privilege. It seems my child is not bored of me yet. His therapist told me that I am “too fun”  😂 well, I guess I will try to dull myself a bit so I can get an opportunity to focus on a project. Please God, send me strength.😊

( notice this post was started 2 days ago….yep, pretty much sums that up!) 

How are you? How are you passing the time? What is your favourite activity that you have done in this time?

I keep praying for Everyone I know in this time of uncertainty. Please remember the bulk of this is temporary. Our new normal will arrive in no time.

In health  & happiness,

Renée Caines  RMT



Navigating COVID 19 with you

Navigating COVID 19 image


Its a Whole new world right now. Every person is managing a temporary new reality.  We will all get thru this. Have faith.

For the time being, the clinic is closed. Check your email for an update of the current situation. Keep yourself posted on recent information thru Facebook at either page – Renée Caines RMT or Sparrow Registered Massage Therapy.  You can also find on on Instagram @sparrowrmt.

Please focus on ALL you CAN do – you can read books, watch movies, exercise daily, meditate, choose healthy foods, hand-write letters to loved ones, dance, sing, take an online course…..So many things!

Most importantly, you can limit your spread of the Virus. The virus can not infect you unless it gets into your mouth, nose or eyes (mucus membranes).  Wash hands with soap every 20-30mins. Stay in your house as much as possible. When outside, stay 6ft from others, even friends. Keep a tissue handy to over your mouth and nose when coughing or sneezing. Stop droplets from spreading.  Avoid consuming too much social media. Please choose reputable government sites like the BCCDC or CDC or WHO. If it is not on there, chances that it is correct and verified information is slim.

We all have a part to play in keeping each other healthy. Please do your part.

In health, Renée Caines RMT

Sparrow Registered Massage Therapy