Infant Massage classes


Are you are parent wanting to learn in a 1-1 setting with your infant/baby on how to massage your individual child? You can book an appointment called “Tiny Touches Initial” 1-1 Parent Empowerment and together we will go over your families situation. That treatment will have both the therapist massage the baby and teach you solutions to your specific concerns. If desired, parents can choose to have a follow up appointment to enrich what was learned, or add other areas of concern if required. Two caregivers are welcome to attend the appointment with baby. This works best with infants or non crawling babies. Due to the unpredictable nature of babies, not all treatments will be hands on for 25 minutes. We need to respect the baby and its needs. If the baby is not receptive to massage then massage and homecare education will fill the time.


Group classes will be returning late 2023/early 2024! This will be a room of parents and babies (under 7months/not crawling) and we will go over general massage techniques to help you include a healthy daily massage habit for you and your baby. Two caregivers are welcome to attend or alternate days (if a multi-day session)

1 hour classes will be offered starting fall of 2023. These classes may be specific to certain conditions like sleep, colic or digestion.