New to Massage?

Are you new to Registered Massage Therapy? Are you unsure of what to do and what to say?
Watch the video below to get a good idea of how the appointment will flow in general, but keep in mind that every appointment is individual and your individual needs will be met.

Some general tips :
1) Fill out your history form complete and thoroughly. RMTS are not nosy people, we are Oath-taken Health Care Practitioners that need to know and understand what your body has endured. Don’t remember exact dates or exact name of your prescriptions? its okay, do your best and if we need to, we will follow up with you to get the exact information. The more questions we have to ask to get the information we need, the less hands on time we have in your first appointment.

2) Sort out your insurance before hand if applicable. We have no access to your insurance information and the insurance companies will not talk to us. Find out your percentage covered, any deductible? your max limit per treatment and per year.

3) Be on time. Actually, for your first appointment try to come a 10 mins early to get acquainted with the clinic. Your appointment is booked for you at the selected time. You may of filled out a History form online, but if not, you can fill one out in the clinic. Use the washroom before treatment – nothing throws your relaxation out the window like a strong urge to use the toilet. OMG! What if I fart? You wouldn’t be the first, or the last, and we haven’t died yet. LOL!

4)  Trust us, We have seen it all! No judgement here!  We don’t care about pimples, weird looking moles, terrible choice of tattoos or body fat. We are only concerned with with your muscles and how they are working together, and how to get you feeling Free of pain!


We look forward to helping you and your family, 

Renée Caines RMT,CIMT,CPMT

Sandy McCrimmon RMT, BA

Maria P, Reception