Pediatric and Infant Massage classes

I welcome all Chicks to Sparrow Registered Massage Therapy clinic!

Pediatric massage is excellent for all children. Infants and children need positive physical contact for healthy growth and development. Nurturing touch promotes physiological, neurological and psychological development and function. I, Renée Caines, am a Certified Infant Massage Teacher and a Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist educated through Tina Allen at the Liddle Kidz foundation.

Are you interested in learning how to massage your baby?
Do you know how massage can help your babys bonding and development?
Massage is a wonderful way to reduce stress for baby and caregiver.
When can my baby start classes? I recommend that baby can come once the belly button is all healed up and caregiver and baby are healthy. Once baby is crawling, you are still welcome, and at the same time you might be chasing your baby more then massaging !

Class dates and pricing information to come! (on hold with COVID)
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Can my children have massage ?  Of course! Healthy well children will always benefit from a nurturing touch.  Children with special needs or special circumstances will also benefit from a nurturing touch and each case will be reviewed to ensure the individuals needs are met.

If you have specific questions, please email Renée  at

Thank you!


Renée Caines

Registered Massage Therapist, Certified Infant Massage teacher, Certified Pediatric  Massage Therapist