Pediatric Massage Therapy

All RMTS are trained to work with children.

Are you are parent wanting to learn in a 1-1 setting with your infant/baby on how to massage your individual child? You can book an appointment called “Tiny Touches Initial” 1-1 Parent Empowerment and together we will go over your families situation. That treatment will have both the therapist massage the baby and teach you solutions to your specific concerns. If desired, parents can choose to have a follow up appointment to enrich what was learned, or add other areas of concern if required. Two caregivers are welcome to attend the appointment with baby. This works best with infants or non crawling babies. Due to the unpredictable nature of babies, not all treatments will be hands on for 25 minutes. We need to respect the baby and its needs. If the baby is not receptive to massage then massage and homecare education will fill the time.

Can my child have a massage? Yes, in most cases, it’s very safe and effective.

Renée Caines RMT does have additional training as a Certified Pediatric Massage Therapist, and additional training for Cerebral Palsy. Renée is a trained Behaviour Interventionist and is very comfortable with children on the ASD spectrum or ADHD. As a Certified Infant massage Teacher, Renée can educate parents on how to massage their baby to support healthy development.

Indications for a child to have massage:

*Anxiety *Autism/ADHD *Birth trauma *Car accidents *Chronic pain *Depression *Growing pains *Heavy sports schedule *High stress levels from life situations *Injuries from falls *Physical disabilities *Poor sleep *skin conditions *and more.

Please feel free to discuss your concerns regarding your child with your therapist, before treatment , via email or phone.

How is a treatment different for a child?

In general, the treatment is very similar to an adults treatment. We will take health history from a verbal and competent child. If that is not possible, the parent or guardian of the child will answer questions. We aim to have the child apart of the process no matter what the child’s situation is. We will want consent from the child in every circumstance.

How is that possible? We all have behaviours and body language that communicate how we feel. A content and happy child wanting to participate will nod, or smile or reach to touch the table or therapist as a few examples. Once an agreed upon treatment plan has been established, we begin. We encourage parents to stay in the treatment room, but if the child is older – above 9, and the parent /child/ therapist relationship is such that child feels safe and responsible for themselves, then parents are welcome to stay in the lobby or leave the clinic.

The massage pressure a child will receive will be determined by the child and the therapist. We encourage your child to communicate in a way that they can to inform us of pain or discomfort.

In general, Massage appointments for children are booked for 30 mins. The actual hands on time will vary depending on the child. The time will be fulfilled by stretching or exercises demos or conversation regarding the need for treatment. Sometimes ending the appointment early is the best thing to do to leave a positive association with Massage Therapy and self care. Older children (teens) maybe be more capable of handling 45 mins or longer.

Please call 604 545 0618, or email for discussion of your child’s situation if you feel more comfortable or have questions.

If you are ready to book for your child please choose “INFANT MASSAGE/UNDER 9 Initial or Subsequent for a 30 min appointment with the RMT of your choice.



Group classes will be returning late 2023/early 2024! This will be a room of parents and babies (under 7months/not crawling) and we will go over general massage techniques to help you include a healthy daily massage habit for you and your baby. Two caregivers are welcome to attend or alternate days (if a multi-day session)

1 hour classes will be offered starting fall of 2023. These classes may be specific to certain conditions like sleep, colic or digestion.


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