21 days in – April 8, 2020


Today marks 3 weeks at home. Wow. I can tell you honestly, except outside of major surgeries, I have never done so little with “free” time. Now, its not fair to dismiss all I have done in 21 days. I have cooked 63 meals, done dishes at least 63 times, taught math, encouraged reading, made volcanic eruptions with vinegar and baking soda, baked, watched movies, read and exercised. Oh, and I can’t forget helping my son battle against zombies in his favourite game Plants vs Zombies 2. It is ridiculously fun. It’s me and my son in a 1100 square ft apartment. We are doing great overall. It’s amazing how fast the days are passing.

I feel my first week was taken up by all the changes. Emails to write, appointments to cancel, laundry, so much laundry, phone calls to make, and grief. Grief that I am not sure has left. Some days its anger at different aspects of this situation. Mostly grief. Grief because I can’t do what I love. Grief that I know millions of people are struggling with lost income, lack of food and lack of supports.

I want my days  to be much more productive. I have written out of long list of must do’s, wanna do’s and will think about to do’s, but they are still hard to get done. That is frustrating to me.

Anyone who has children at home, especially high energy,  attention seeking children, understand that getting 10 minutes to yourself is a privilege. It seems my child is not bored of me yet. His therapist told me that I am “too fun”  😂 well, I guess I will try to dull myself a bit so I can get an opportunity to focus on a project. Please God, send me strength.😊

( notice this post was started 2 days ago….yep, pretty much sums that up!) 

How are you? How are you passing the time? What is your favourite activity that you have done in this time?

I keep praying for Everyone I know in this time of uncertainty. Please remember the bulk of this is temporary. Our new normal will arrive in no time.

In health  & happiness,

Renée Caines  RMT



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